Payroll Administration

Payment is a term that brings smiles to many faces, but to those handling and managing the employee payment activity even for a small number of employees it is a daunting task.

The Payroll department handling the Payment related tasks for a Company is one amongst the most trivial and busiest departments of a company. It requires a substantial amount of man-hours to control and manage the whole affair. Payment related activities are usually interconnected with many other important domains of the company and need to be carefully handled for maintaining equilibrium with all other domains.

With certain complexities involved in handling the whole payment system of an organization and the shortage of specialized and experienced staffs, most of the companies have now opted for outsourcing the payment process overheads to consulting and servicing companies that can handle the whole process using their knowledge and with sufficient standards and directives as provided by the payment outsourcing companies.

  • Visbin offers its client a comprehensive payroll processing and administration service which is complete in its functional entirety with regular updating and adherence to the latest regulations.
  • Visbin has kept its step in pace with the technology frenzy world by creating sophisticated and highly secure software’s and web interface applications with trained personnel’s to handles the same.